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10 Hacks to Transform your Kitchen into your Dream Kitchen

Gina Palombo

As the owner/employing broker of D&G Real Estate Agency, Gina’s priority is to reach outside the box and provide each agent with a number of uni...

As the owner/employing broker of D&G Real Estate Agency, Gina’s priority is to reach outside the box and provide each agent with a number of uni...

Jul 25 4 minutes read

When dreaming of your perfect kitchen, it can be hard to decide what changes need to happen in order to make it the perfect space for you. There are many ways to transform your kitchen but… Here are 10 changes to consider when bringing your dream kitchen to life.

1. Layout

Consider the layout of your Kitchen. The three major work areas of the kitchen are the cooking space, sink, and refrigerator. The way they are positioned will play a huge role in how you feel about the space. For a user-friendly kitchen each workspace should be between four and nine feet apart, forming a triangle.

2. Cabinets

Choosing a material is important when it comes to your cabinets doors. After all, this is where all your dishware and small appliances live daily, and you will be opening them often. A little research on the difference between plywood and fiberboard goes a long way.

3. Faucets

There is more to the sink than washing dishes and running water. A beautiful faucet can take you another step closer to you dream kitchen. Spouts, valves, finishes, and handles are amongst the top four models.

4. The Major Appliances

Granted major appliances can have a lifespan of approximately 10 years, the time may come when you will find yourself changing them. Do you go for a top and bottom refrigerator? Side-by-side? For the oven, gas or electric? Really think about exactly what you imagine for your dream kitchen.

5. Store Efficiency 

An out of the box idea that will take your efficiency in the kitchen to a new level is switching how you store your food and your pots and appliances. Pots and pans have long handles that fit perfectly into tall cabinets and pantries. Store your food in the pull deep drawers for easy access while cooking,

6. Clutter

Reducing clutter in the kitchen can optimize your space and give your kitchen a new life. Built-in cabinet storage and organizers are becoming increasingly popular.

7. Door Knobs

Replace door knobs and drawer pulls with classic finishes such as brushed nickel or stainless steel for a brand new look. Hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes carry a variety of all sorts. If you’re looking for fun colors and designs check out Hobby Lobby.

8. Paint

Create a focal point in the kitchen by painting the island a contrasting color. While the clean, white look of kitchens continues in popularity, soft shades of gray are also on the rise.

9. Backsplash

If you haven’t replaced your backsplash in more than a decade, chances are it’s too dated. The kitchen backsplash can blend into the background or make a bold statement. If yours is outdated, it’s fairly simple to replace with a little DIY know-how. From classic tile to mosaics or even wood, easy peel-and-stick options abound.

10. Light Fixtures

Lighting is a key feature in creating an open and inviting space that buyers will love. Swap out any dim or broken bulbs for new ones. If you have pendant lights or lamps, make sure they’re still in style. If not, invest in modern lighting fixtures that will have appeal in today’s housing market. Adding under cabinet lighting is another quick fix you can make to improve your kitchen’s lighting. It’s relatively inexpensive and will brighten up your counter space.

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